Top - reliable protection of your manicure

The top is like the icing on the cake for your manicure. A good top will make you enjoy it for a long time. Depending on what effect you want to achieve, you can choose:

Claresa Top Shine - if you are applying a decor that requires a tacky dispersion layer,

Claresa Top No Wipe - if you want to finish your styling without a cleaner,

Claresa Top Diamond No Wipe - if you want to make the color even more radiant,

Claresa Top Mat No Wipe - if you want a matte satin finish,

Claresa Top No Wipe 5g Glitter Blue - if you like blue manicure,

Claresa Top No Wipe 5g Glitter Silver - if you want to get silver dust on your nails.

Choose your favorite tops!

Claresa hybrid tops are a guarantee of high-quality manicure and pedicure. Thanks to him, the nails will become strong and resistant to external factors. The wide range of the Claresa brand allows you to choose the right product for the desired effect that you dream of. Try all kinds of Claresa tops and choose the best one for you.

CLARESA bonding base for gel - acid-free gel base 5g
Bonding Base for Gel is an acid base with unique groundwater properties. Its formula increases the adhesion of the gel and helps to extend the stint of the shell, protecting it from the slices. The product is compatible with all the gel Claresa.
compatible with all the gels of Claresa,
an acid formula,
elevated gel adhesion
On a prepared, dehydrated tomb, put a thin layer of base and put your fingernails on, for example, laundry motions. Then eat in the lamp. A non-acid primer can be founded.
REQUIREMENTS - min. 60 seconds
CLARESA Top Glass No wipe 5g
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Claresa Glass Top is a liquid glazing glass for your nails! The universally transparent hybrid top is suitable for both the painted nails and the natural nail plate. His elastic formula protects perfectly against mechanical damage and ensures glacier with wet nail effects. Top doesn't sink a nail record, and it's protected carefully. The product sends the color of hybrid legs, both bright and dark. There's no need to wash the dispersion layer.
an unprotected application without wearing a kutikul,
the greasy, wet nails,
thin consistence,
free of the dispersed layer,
3 weeks,
volume: 5 g.
On the pre-tested hybrid lac Claresa, put the top layer and dry in the lamp. The top doesn't require laundry.
Claresa Top Bubble black Matt No wipe - 5g
A transparent matte top coat with black particles will allow you to easily and instantly turn any hybrid polish into a small work of art. The particles included in the product vary in size and shape, making your manicure even more multi-dimensional, and the matte finish will add elegance to it.
Claresa Top Bubble gold Matt No wipe -5g
Bubble Gold Matt No Wipe, a clear matte top coat with gold particles, will look great over any hybrid nail polish, whether your nails are solid, baby boomer, or ombre. The particles included in the product vary in size and shape, making your manicure even more multi-dimensional, and the matte finish will add elegance to it.
Cuticle remover is a cuticle softener and remover designed for quick and easy cuticle treatment. It effectively and quickly softens the cuticles and makes it easier to clean the nail plate of unnecessary epidermis. Enriched with glycerin, which cares for and nourishes delicate cuticles and nail plate. It will be perfect for self-preparation of a plate for manicure treatments.
How to use: Apply a small amount of the preparation around the nail cuticle.
After 30-60 seconds, remove the built-up cuticles with a wooden stick, and then wash your hands thoroughly.
Matte shade hybrid nail polish!
  Claresa Top Mat No wipe is the perfect manicure finish if:
you care about the dullness of your manicure,
you want to change your nail style,
you do not use decorations that require a sticky dispersion layer.
Creates a matte surface, devoid of any streaks and shimmers,
resistant to paint chipping,
evenly distributed, leveling the surface of the nail.
It does not have a dispersion layer, which means that it does not have to be washed with a cleaning agent.
Shining top with long durability, no sticky dispersion layer.
For lovers of scratch-resistant and high-gloss manicure like a diamond.
CLARESA Top No Wipe 5ml Glitter Silver
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DENSITY  medium-thick, easy to use
COLOR  transparent with silver glitter dust

at the end of styling


shimmers silver
it is durable and does not turn yellow

standard - UV / LED 
Acid Free Provita acid-free primer - maximum adhesion for your nail styling
Would you like your nail designs to be in perfect condition for a long time ? Your natural nail plate is problematic, that is, it is dry, brittle and splitting, so no base provides maximum adhesion to varnishes and gels? We have a reliable solution for this - Acid Free Provita acid-free primer , which will not only provide your nail stylizations with the greatest adhesion, but also extend its durability and care for the nail plate.
For what purpose?
To increase the adhesion of the base and gel to the nail plate and extend the durability of the styling.
For whom?
Especially for people with dry, brittle and split nails.
Shining without a sticky dispersion layer.
Transparent. Even more shine!

Claresa Top No wipe is the perfect ending to your manicure if:
you want to protect your styling against external factors,
you are a supporter of intense shine on your nails,
and you do not use decorations that require a sticky dispersion layer.