Foot Care (Podo)

Foot Care (Podo)

Smooth legs are the dream of every woman. Unfortunately, with age, the skin becomes more and more keratinized - then a visit to an orthopedist or a pedicure using professional cosmetics becomes a salvation. Regular procedures can keep the skin on the legs in good condition. The procedure itself significantly increases the comfort of life, because well-groomed legs affect not only the aesthetic effect, but also health and well-being.

The pedicure itself is a multi-stage process. Includes bath, exfoliation, exfoliation with a router (if necessary) or exfoliation with a serum. Having prepared the skin, it must be properly nourished with nourishing foot creams. For each of the stages, you need cosmetic products that are suitable for the skin on this part of the body. Therefore, the specialists of the dynamically developing company SYIS created the Podo Line.

Pearl foot bath

The foot bath is designed to soften the skin before further treatments. It is best to perform it in pearls intended for this. For especially neglected feet or owners of excessively keratinized skin, urea is an ideal emollient. It has an antibacterial effect and facilitates the penetration of active substances in the subsequent stages of treatment. SYIS Podo Line softening pearls also contain algae extracts that regulate the acid-base balance of the skin, while strengthening blood vessels, making the skin supple and protecting it from cracking.

On the other hand, refreshing pearls, in addition to urea, also contain anti-inflammatory green tea extract.

Sugar foot scrubs

Removing dead skin with a milling machine is a last resort, as it enhances skin buildup. It is better to do this gently with a sugar scrub. This type of cosmetic is necessary for a really good pedicure, because thanks to it it becomes possible to exfoliate the epidermis on the entire foot, and not just in certain areas. SYIS Sugar Foot Scrub exfoliates and exfoliates the epidermis. It also contains foot-friendly urea, which prepares the skin to absorb the active ingredients into deeper layers. The cosmetics are also enriched with many ingredients that are beneficial for the condition of the skin of the feet: soybean oil, beeswax, shea butter, bitter orange blossom extract and vitamin E. Due to this, the feet become velvety smooth and smooth after using sugar peeling. moisturized, and even better blood supply.

Syis Podo Line refreshing pearls for feet 350 g
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Refreshing urea-based foot pearls enriched with green tea extracts. Urea moisturizes, softens and exfoliates rough epidermis. It has antibacterial properties and facilitates penetration of the active ingredients. Green tea extract has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and soothing properties. In addition, pearl refreshes and smoothes.
Syis Podo Line intensively exfoliating lactic acid serum 500 ml
Designed for foot care. Due to the content of lactic acid, it gently softens and exfoliates the rough epidermis. Perfectly prepares the feet for the pedicure procedure. Also recommended for topical application on calluses and calluses to remove thickenings. After using the serum, the skin becomes smooth, hydrated and radiant.
Active substance:
Lactic acid
Lactic acid with moisturizing properties. It has the ability to penetrate into the stratum corneum. Softens the stratum corneum and exfoliates the coarsened epidermis.
Capacity: 500 ml
Syis Podo Line leg gel with horse chestnut extract 500 ml

Designed for foot skin care. Especially recommended for puffiness and edema, prevents their formation and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Thanks to the content of menthol, it has a cooling and soothing effect. Extracts of arnica, horse chestnut and sage have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.
Syis Podo Line softening pearls for feet 350 g
Soothing urea-based foot pearls enriched with extremely valuable extracts of the brown algae Ascophyllum Nodosum and pemphigus. Urea moisturizes, softens and exfoliates rough epidermis. It has an antibacterial effect and facilitates the penetration of active substances. Algae extracts regulate the acid-base balance, strengthen blood vessels and make the skin supple, protecting it from cracking.
Foot cream Syis Podo Line with thyme and sage 500ml
Designed for skin care that requires smoothing and nutrition. Prevents cracked heels and effectively repairs dry skin. Thanks to the content of menthol, it has a refreshing effect and cools tired feet. The cream also contains extracts of thyme and sage, which have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and firming properties. Argan oil and shea butter properly moisturize and nourish.
Syis Podo Line Argan Oil Foot Mask 500ml
Designed for foot skin care. Due to the content of urea and glycolic acid, it softens problem skin of the feet very well. Lactic acid, argan oil and vitamin E have a firming, moisturizing and smoothing effect. Aloe extract, on the other hand, has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. After applying the mask, the skin becomes smooth, nourished and hydrated.
Sugar foot peeling Syis Podo Line 500g
SUGAR PEELING FOR LEGS Designed to remove and intensively exfoliate the coarsened epidermis of the feet. Thanks to its urea content, it prepares the skin for the absorption of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. The cosmetics also contains soybean oil, beeswax, shea butter, bitter orange blossom extract and vitamin E. Thanks to these components, the legs become velvety, moisturized, better circulated and well prepared for further care procedures.