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Nail Drill Bits. Tools

Nail Drill Bits Carbide Diamond Ceramic.. for great manicure and pedicure nail service

It’s also why store stocks nail files in various sizes, types and for every nail service you may come across from removing nail enhancements, smoothing free edges, shortening nails and more. 

- made of polished, stainless steel INOX,used for the production of surgical instruments- has two different precise tips 
(flat knife - 9 mm blade and 8 mm wide convex chisel)- slightly notched handle, preventing slippingin the hand during work- can be disinfected and sterilized by any methods(chemical, thermal, chemical-thermal)- total hoof length: 9 cm- weight: 12 g
Professional cuticle nippers 07 JAW 14
The EVO cutter line is an exclusive version of the popular NGHIA clippers. Made of surgical stainless steel with a gold-plated handle and a tasteful velvet-lined box. Equipped with a double-sided spring, designed for precise cutting of the skins.Available in Lap14 (5mm) Jaw Sizes.Thanks to the Lap Joint Jaw Joining Method (which minimizes wearand the potential for play compared to otherjoining methods), the Clippers ensure perfect performance for a long time.The pliers have a specially profiled handle (classic type),which ensures high precision, convenience and comfort of work.
The Classic File milling machine is used to treat foot complaints and pedicures. The device has been designed and built in accordance with Directive 93/42 / EEC concerning medical equipment, and modifications made to it guarantee quality and safety. The milling machine may only be operated by a qualified podologist or pedicurist.
The Silent S7 milling machine is not an ordinary milling machine, it is a real technological HIT! It was made specifically for Activ from the best components and materials available. Beautiful design and used in the milling brushless head with a weight of only 128g is characterized by extremely quiet operation without the slightest perceptible vibration. Working with such a milling machine is a real pleasure! Additionally equipped with the systems: "soft start" which ensures comfort of work and "safe" protecting the milling machine against damage. 48W power and high torque ensure comfortable work during manicures and pedicures.
Diamond cutter in "HIGH QUALITY"
The precision stainless steel shank is hardened and the diamond coating. These allow a very high capacity and durability. It is perfectly suitable for professional use for the removal of calluses, corns, and for finishing nails with a high efficiency. The diamond cutter is for wet adn try use.

Ideal for cuticle clean
Ideal for cuticle clean
Solid carbide cutters with cone tip, straight toothing. The bit is characterized by very high strength and durability. Working on artificial nails is guaranteed by the rounded cutting tip. The cutter is designed for professional use for the removal of nail skin with high efficiency and celebrations. Wet and dry use.
Technical details:
Diameter: 1.60 mmOverall lenght: 45 mmShank diameter: 2.35mmSpeed: up to 20000 rpmNone coatedCoarseness: fine