Nail Drill Bits

Nail Drill Bits. Tools

Nail Drill Bits Carbide Diamond Ceramic.. for great manicure and pedicure nail service

It’s also why store stocks nail files in various sizes, types and for every nail service you may come across from removing nail enhancements, smoothing free edges, shortening nails and more. 

Ideal use for gel process and foot care
Benefits "CERAMIC" - High wear resistance- Perfect heat reduction- Reefs-free fine tunning- Completley resistant to chemical disinfectants- Ideal use for foot care
Replaceable files on a soft basis "with holes" for a pedicure disc Ø25mm 180grit (1pc)
File - perfectly polishes the surface of the foot, grinds small cracks, which allows you to keep the effect of smooth feet much longer
High-quality abrasive has a soft, durable structure - pre-treatment of feet with oils or other means does not affect the properties of the file
Thick foam base prevents overheating of the treated area, creates a shock absorption effect
Reliable adhesive base guarantees strong fixation of the file, ensures the safety of the procedure
1 pc per pack
The latest generation, professional UV / LED lamp that quickly and evenly cures all gels, hybrid varnishes and other light-curing preparations thanks to the use of dual led technology. It emits white light that does not tire your eyesight. The V7 lamp has an energy-saving high-power light source and a dual wavelength of 365nm and 405nm. In addition, 36 LEDs that give a total maximum power of 168W! The lamp has a built-in motion sensor, a timer of 10, 30, 60 and 99 seconds, and after activating the sensor, it lights continuously for 99 seconds. 99 seconds "Low Heat Mode" is a mode in which the lamp power gradually increases every 30 seconds. It reduces the burning sensation during the application of builder gels.
A set of diamond cutters is designed for cleaning, smoothing and shaping the cuticle and lateral periungual ridges. Cutters are especially useful in preparing nails for a combined manicure. We can also use them to remove thickenings near the nail plate or to shape the nail and remove hybrid varnishes, gels, acrylics without damaging the nail plate.
Pedicure disc PODODISC Exclusive Pro Ø 25mm
The Wilson Precision Exclusive Pro disc base is designed for safe and accurate hardware pedicure. The panel is made of high-quality stainless steel with a unique tilt angle, which provides better visibility when working in hard-to-reach areas of the feet.
The use of Wilson Precision Exclusive Pro is a guarantee of a safe pedicure. Disposable abrasive is glued to the podium and removed after each client.
A professional EXO nail file is a necessary product in the basic work of a stylist. A nail file with a 100/180 gradation and the popular crescent shape - it is a medium-graded file intended for styling and preparing a natural nail plate for a manicure treatment. Dedicated to hard-to-reach places, a crescent-shaped nail file is a unique, ergonomic combination of two shapes - straight and banana. Thanks to this, working with it is extremely comfortable. It allows for precise processing of the mass at the skins and reaching hard-to-reach places. The modern, better structure of the paper file, made of the highest quality raw materials, guarantees long-term use.
Replaceable filter for the PEDI LUX, CLASSIC FILE, SYIS PODO LINE and EXO SUPERnova milling machine timely replacement of the filter extends the service life of the suction turbine of the milling machine. Change should be made when a drop in suction power becomes noticeable, and at the latest when the filter is full to 2/3. Working with a filled filter, the turbine receives a smaller amount of air, which increases the operating temperature, which may damage it.
Quantity: 1 pcs.

Technical data:
length: 17cm,
width: 9.4 cm
hole diameter: 2.2 cm
- made of polished, stainless steel INOX,used for the production of surgical instruments- has two different precise tips 
(flat knife - 9 mm blade and 8 mm wide convex chisel)- slightly notched handle, preventing slippingin the hand during work- can be disinfected and sterilized by any methods(chemical, thermal, chemical-thermal)- total hoof length: 9 cm- weight: 12 g
Diamond burr "Tornado flame" Ø2.5 mm, Medium diamond burr "Medium"
Diamond cutter in "HIGH QUALITY"Ideal for cuticle clean
The precision stainless steel shank is hardened and the diamond coating. These allow a very high capacity and durability. It is perfectly suitable for professional use for the removal of calluses, corns, and for finishing nails with a high efficiency. The diamond cutter is for wet and dry use.
The Silent S7 milling machine is not an ordinary milling machine, it is a real technological HIT! It was made specifically for Activ from the best components and materials available. Beautiful design and used in the milling brushless head with a weight of only 128g is characterized by extremely quiet operation without the slightest perceptible vibration. Working with such a milling machine is a real pleasure! Additionally equipped with the systems: "soft start" which ensures comfort of work and "safe" protecting the milling machine against damage. 48W power and high torque ensure comfortable work during manicures and pedicures.