Apis ascorbic terapis ascorbic acid 40% 30 ml
Ascorbin acid 40% Ascorbin terApis
For all types of skin.
40 per cent of non-stalking pH 1.5 based on acorbine acid (vitamin C) and wine acid. Hears dead epidermis cells and stimulates regeneration and renewal processes. Ascorbine acid is an antioxidant, protects skin cells from free radicals, slowing ageing processes. It lights up pigment stains, compares skin tone, humidizes and optimizes skin stress. Compounding with wine acid gives me a great screaming effect.
Apis cap-concentrate for receptacle skin
For sensitive skin
with vascular problems.
Contains a unique set of active ingredients: vitamin C, lymón extract, grapefruit, gyncgo beloba and butter of macadamia. It clearly reinforces the walls of the receptacles, improves elasticity and calms the irritance.
30 ml
Apis Acne - stop-concentrate for leather with 30 ml
Akne-Stop concentration
For skin inclined to an acne
fat, mixed.
Contains a synergetic combination of bacteriostatic active ingredients: green tea, bamboo, thyria, dairy acid. Regulates the seduction of the leather, making the skin perfectly purified and smooth.
30 ml
Apis Creme Lifting and Peptid Shock-8 tm 50 ml
APIS Crem Lifting and SNAP-8 MT, 50ml
For all types of mature, dissolved skin, prone to the formation of wrinkles requiring rapid brating.
The cream formula contains synergistic active ingredients with brating and retracting effects. The SNAP-8TM biomethetic neurotype blocks the muscle cuts and relaxes. The cream contains the Q10 coenzim, saturating cells with oxygen, intensively humidizing hyaluronic acid, mono butter, butter of macadamia nuts and cobioliftTM 100 per cent of the cinema seed, which is natural lyphthing-editent. The preparate is fast entering the skin, reinforcing, humidizing and comparing skin tone. The skin is delicately shining and tense.
Apis fermental homage-piling 100 ml
APIS Animal Piling Paper 100ml
For normal and sensitive skin.
Gel-piling is based on a natural fermentation of the papaya, which mildly obscures the dead layer of epidermis and masses microbes acting as abrasive plastic, revealing natural shining. Enriched polysaharids, d-pentene, sea algae, anarchy and extra water lily, it provides the necessary humidity, decay and shining. Piling also has calming and mitigating properties, making skin soft and silk.
Apis Gialuron 4d 30 ml
For all skin types, especially dry and dehydrated.
Hydroulonic acid 4D without odour is an innovative combination of four types of hyaluronan molecules with different properties. They create a multi-dimensional network in the skin area. It operates at their various levels, making a strong moisture effort by collecting water outside while keeping water deep in the skin.
* Could be introduced by ultrasonic, radio waves using the fat layer of the Apis line Oxy O2 terApis, Gels Raspberry Glow and ultrasonic gel,
* may be introduced with no needy and microhydrated mesotherapy,
it's possible to put under an algae or cream mask.
Apis hyaluron 4d + fist 30 ml
For very dry and dehydrated skin.
A unique emulsion, which is a mixture of hyalulonic acid 4D with extremely intensive moisture properties at different levels of skin. Enriched by active barrel cells of brass who protect skin from photos of old age caused by UC and UV radiation. It also contains 6 irreplaceable amino acids and macadamia nut oil with excellent regenerative and antioxidant properties. The result is beverage oil, wet, stunned and smooth skin.
it's possible to put under an algae or cream mask.