Sakura Classic 305

Sakura Classic 305

Sakura mass chairs provide relaxation and high comfort. It's also a great way to take care of your health and well-being. The variety of functions and simplicity make the seat of the mark a great choice for both massage salon and household use. With attention to the details, they will become an estetic element of any space.

Deep massage for full relaxation.

The Sakura Classic 305 massage is a convenient model which, through its various functions, provides the user with an integrated massage. The equipment is equipped with, inter alia, back massage head and airbags, which provide press massage for different parts of the body, which ensures deep reclamation, muscle relaxation and is important for health. The advantages of using massage chairs include: improving hemorrhage, reducing muscle fatigue and minimizing stress.

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GK-Earran control board

With a transparent control panel that can be placed on a right-hand handle or held in hand, the chair is just and pleasant. You can keep an eye on the operation of the device on a clear HQ screen. The body areas at which massage, intensity, time of procedure and programme chosen are clearly displayed. The panel is free to regulate the seat structure and massage functions, and to determine the length of the procedure which may last 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 minutes.

Automatic programmes respond to urgent needs

The chair is programmed on 5 automatic programmes with different effects. They were designed to meet all possible user needs. The separate functions of the chair are used in a carefully selected sequence - massage head movements, airbag work, ZERO GRAVITY and heating. Depending on the expected effect, just select the appropriate treatment on the control panel:

• Comfort,


• SPA,


• Sleep.

Non-weight regime

Having chosen the regime of NONE GRAVITATION, we place the chair in a position that is beneficial to the organism. Inspiration for this function was the post where the astronauts were located during the missile launch, which was designed to minimize the gravity pressure on the body. It means adjusting the chair so that the body weight is evenly distributed throughout the surface. It significantly reduces the pressure on the spine, removes muscle voltage and improves blood circulation and lymphs. This provision is considered to be the best massage, because it really relaxes muscles.

Nice back massage and stop.

The mass machine is scrutinized and pleasantly massing muscles in several ways. Eight massage heads provide an effective back massage, simulating human hands. Their movements create a demining and pushing massage that improves the overall training of the body and removes the pain. After each session, the massage on the chair is markedly reduced by the muscle voltage, and the body becomes comfortable with relaxed and filled energy. The built-in foot massage uses point massage techniques, which effectively relaxes muscles, removes fatigue and positively affects common sense.

Effective compression massage using airbags

A great addition to the mechanical head massage is compression massage using airbags that provide so-called lymphodrene. Pulsive movement of airbags in the field of stops, cre, berry, hand, shoulder and head regulates lymphot, facilitates the process of detoxification and improves the circulation of blood. Thus, blood pressure is declining, the muscles are better saturated by oxygen, and the organism is easier to rid of toxins. This procedure removes tension and provides a good relief for the rest of the day. The activity of the pillows can be regulated on the control panel.

Additional functions that make treatment more pleasant.

The seat is equipped with a back warming op. This function effectively supports and makes massage more pleasant, increasing the comfort of massage. This model has a regulated foot setup, so each user, regardless of growth, can find a convenient massage position.

The ability to reproduce music during massage.

If the use of the massage chair is even more pleasant and effective, the right atmosphere should be ensured. The relaxing music will help you relax during the massage session, with the possibility of switching the phone to the chair through Bluetooth, you can reproduce the music you love during treatment. Cold music during massage improves self-responsiveness and allows everyday life to be lost, allowing for deep relaxation not only of body but also of mind.

Elegant massage chair for relaxation.

The comfortable inner part of the chair is engulfed by a sensation of the artificial skin of the grey shade. The use of such material makes it very stable to moisture and simple to care. The art leather of gray shades on the outer parts of the chair gives the piece an extremely original and elegant form. The carefully processed regions give it a stylish view, and a solid design ensures long use. A compact model with an aesthetic exterior and classic colour will fit well into any interior. Sakura Classic 305 mass chair is the ideal way to relax at any time, especially after a busy day or a heavy practice.

The detailed dimensions of the chair are shown in the photo.
The kit consists of: a chair, a foot trail, a remote control remote control remote control remotely with a VC spray, a remote holder, an installation kit, an instruction.

Colour: gray shades.
The lipstick material: artificial skin.
Seat filler: Porolet.
Recommended massage time: 15 minutes.
Time adjustment: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 minutes.
Power: 80 W.
Tensile: 220-240 B.

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