The podiatric tarry tar"Saeyang Marathon Cyclone - Vac with absorber
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The podiatric tarry tar"Saeyang Marathon Cyclone - Vac with absorber

Efficient poiatric tarry with absorber

High-end orthopaedic tarry with absorber Saeyang Marathon Cyclone-Vac is a specialized device to maintain high standards of hygiene in the office, effectively protecting the health of service providers and clients. A professional cutting machine is designed for pedicure, especially dry handling procedures in the podiatry, but also works well during manicure. An effective head with absorber and an intuitively understandable office greatly facilitates the work of an orthopaedic doctor by facilitating a wide range of procedures.

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Clear control panel with VC spray

Intuitively understandable management guarantees high usability. You can easily control the absorber intake power during work or completely disable it. Head rotation speed is regulated by a pen that can be applied or transferred to a sleeping mode. In addition, the device programmes up to the 3rd of its own modes of operation. All parameters are then retained - speed and direction of rotation, absorption power - and may be caused at any time by one button. The visual display shows the current structure of the device, the speed and direction of rotation, the capacity of the intake. In addition, the symbol of the active programme shall be displayed on the screen after the selection of one of its own modes of operation. The relevant badge shall also be burned if necessary to replace the bag filter.

Functional head for occupational safety

A quiet, ergonomic head with a vain engine with a controlled speed between 4,000 and 40,000 /min with an effective absorber guarantee the excellent quality of services and the highest standards of hygiene, protecting the lungs of both the processors and clients. The dust from the processing point shall be stacked through the holes in the head right on the filter. The INC/CLI switch, located on the rear of the handle, allows the rotation and intake to be temporarily stopped during work. This facilitates the free operation of the device. The replacement of the tar is simple, which is provided by the Push-in < Pull-out > mechanism - simply insert a tarp into the ceiling, without the need to obligate or block, and this is further facilitated by the tool in the kit. The head is easy to clean. The solutions used prevent excessive hand exhaustion and provide comfort and safe work.

Full set of specialized services

The practical accessories in the kit effectively facilitate the work. The exact head with the absorber and spare filtering bags ensures safe use from inhalation of harmful pathogens. The foot drive allows for the rotation of the germ head during hand-operated processing. Prepared from special material that is easily urinated. The various forms, materials and grading of the tarp allow the necessary tool for the services and locations currently under way. The toolkit for the cleaning of the head and cutting of the tarp provides a simplicity for the maintenance of the device in good condition, facilitating its use.

Efficient orthopaedic sink

Adequate protection of lungs is essential to the responsible and safe work of an orthopaedic doctor and to the observance of high standards of hygiene in the office. With a high power of insulation, the device is perfectly absorbed by any dust generated during the procedures. It is also possible to build up absorption at five levels and, if necessary, to deactivate this function.

Replacement bags

The kit includes 5 special effective filter bags. They shall ensure the safe and long operation of the device by capturing and retaining dust and any particles of material emitted in sub-log processing. When the bag is to be replaced, the device displays the relevant badge.

Modern device with annual guarantee

Esthetic, futuristic hull in white tones is perfectly fitting into any interior. The special head drop space allows a much more comfortable operation, and the non-sliding legs ensure the stability of the device during use. To the fries with the canister Saeyang Cyclone-Vac is protected for 12 months.


Colour: white shades

Nutrition: wire

Speed: 4,000 - 40 000 rpm

Power: 100 W

Tension: 230 V

Safeguards: 12 months

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