557A Cosmetical chair with white kouves
Simple and functional
The beauty salon with two bruises is practical equipment that facilitates work in many specialized salons, including beauty salons, massage and tattoos. He'll suit people looking for a simple and functional piece of cosmetics furniture. Mobile containers installed under the seat guarantee that the most important tools and preparations will always be hand-held.
Autoclave Lafomed LFSS03AA LCD 3 l class B medical black
Lafomed is a high-end autoclave brand that has gained recognition in more than 50 countries around the world. The autoclaves comply with all medical standards and directives. These devices are characterized by a low failure rate. Their microprocessors use the latest generation of electronic modules. Lafomed autoclaves are highly efficient and durable, and their operation is simple and intuitive.
Pro Ink 612 black chair
Pro Ink 612, a power-driven tattoo with a hydro-drive, enables the services of the Tatus-Alon to be ergonomically performed. It was developed taking into account the comfort of both the client and the person conducting the procedure. Greater adjustment opportunities make the chair a practical part of the tatu studio equipment, and minimization allows furniture to fit easily into virtually any interior.
Different adjustment options
The chair has specialized mechanisms to adapt it to the needs and specificities of the tattoo industry. The back slope angles are manually controlled and fixed by lever. The slope of the foot may also be regulated and fixed so that the chair can be placed in the couch position, the full turnover mechanism has a significant impact on performance and comfort. All these functions provide a great user-friendliness.
Syis - Microneedle pen 05 silver
MICRONEEDLE PEN is a modern microneedle mesotherapy device used to regenerate skin, eliminate wrinkles, treat scars and reduce stretch marks. “Pioro” regenerates, heals and eliminates skin imperfections faster, more efficiently and less painfully. It allows active substances to be introduced deep into the skin by piercing it with pulsating needles.
Professional hair dryer Kessner JET 1600 IONIC
Compact dryer with an ionization function.
The professional Kessner JET1600 Ionic is developed on the basis of state-of-the-art technologies and is equipped with innovative functions to make services in the hairdresser room as effective as possible. The high efficiency, ergonomic design of the device and the elegant appearance provide an unrepetitive sense of work. The dryer has a moderate noise level that reaches the sound intensity of 83 dB, which guarantees comfort.
Effective futile engine
A refined engine at a speed of 100,000 o/min provides a quick and effective drying of hair. This is a key element that reduces the time of implementation of hairdressing services. Despite the impressive power of the device, the noise level at work is 83 dB, which provides an effective drying with a low discomfort for the barber and the client.
Water distiller Lafomed INOX
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- voltage 220-240 V/50-60 Hz
- power 750 W
- 4 l capacity
- 1l/h speed
- weight of the device 4.5 kg
Barbicidal spray for disinfection of all surfaces without odor - 5 l
Effective surface disinfection
Prepared for immediate use of liquid sprays for professional decontamination of surfaces in beauty salons, hairdressers, solariums, SPA and fitness centres, as well as massage, manicure, pedicure and tattoos. Modern technology based on quarter ammonium compounds without ethanol, aldehydes and phenols provides full protection against infections.
Broad spectrum
Efficiently destroys all bacteria (including staphics such as MRSA, Pseudomonas a., Enteroccus h., Tuberculosis sticks, Escherichia Coli), mushrooms (Candida albicans) and viruses, including BVDV, vaccine, HIV (AIDS), H1N1, HBV and HCV).
Hairdressing sauna Gabbiano 408D white with active ozone
Hairdresser's standing sauna Gabbiano 408D is an innovative device for deep hydration, restoration and nutrition of hair. The steam generated by the device causes the hair cuticle to expand, which facilitates more accurate absorption of substances contained in various types of hairdressing preparations. Active ozone helps cleanse hair, eliminates the smell of chemical products used during hairdressing procedures, and improves blood circulation in the scalp.
The easy-to-use device uses steam to facilitate the absorption of conditioning agents and leave hair feeling soft and deeply hydrated. The heat generated by water vapor stimulates microcirculation of the scalp and facilitates the transport of essential nutrients. This increases the comfort and satisfaction of the client undergoing treatment. The use of such a solution also has a positive effect on the scalp, hair becomes stronger and less prone to loss. The device is equipped with a tank with a capacity of almost two liters for clean water and a smaller container for collecting water that condenses during procedures. The sauna is equipped with a system that informs about the lack of water in the tank with a message on the screen and a characteristic sound. The kit also includes a special cap with a cord that makes it easier to supply steam to your hair.
Gabbiano hairdresser assistant 008 black
A two-way black hairdresser with 5 trays, 7 offices and 2 barbers. A stable design ensures long-term use. The table is fixed on the wheels, so the tools will always be at hand.
Assistant for self-assembly of parts.
Activ Fizjo aluminum folding massage table Comfort, 3 segments, gray
The COFORT Consignment Table is a functional combination of wooden carcas with light aluminium legs. The leather is made of a fat lip covered by a quality eco-code. The advantage of the COMFORT massage tables is the possibility of adjusting the height of the table and the possibility of fast assembly. The hand and handbag provide comfort, especially for people who work not only in the offices but also with patients.
- Regulated subheader
- Opening the face
- Side armrests
- Height adjustment
- It 's a carry-on
- Net weight is 17 kilos .
Hairdressing chair Gabbiano Francesco Gold, white gold
Gabbiano is a luxury Italian brand
Gabbiano Francesco is a modern furniture item equipped with a hydraulic lift and an adjustable foot and back frame, and the wide scope of personalization allows the chair to be selected for the procedure, which greatly increases the comfort of service delivery. The Esstetic Squad will demolish the salon of each hairdresser, and its high functionality will ensure comfort and efficiency.
Broad adjustment possibilities
A permanent hydraulic lift allows seat height to be adjusted within 54 to 67 cm, even when the client is sitting in the chair. This ensures more ergonomic work, guaranteeing that the seat level can be adjusted by the growth of both the client and the person performing the procedure. The chair has a rolling back and a adjustable foot, which allows the customer to be placed in a convenient half-way position. This building guarantees better access during certain services. In addition, the sliding head restraint provides excellent head support and can be adjusted according to individual needs.