Diamond Nail Bits


Daimond straight bur

Shank diameter: 2,35 mm


Yellow - Extra fine 50-40 μm
Red - Fine 63-50 μm
Blue - Medium 125-100 μm
Green - Coarse 160-125 μm
Black - Extra Coarse 220-160 μm

The diamond "Tornado" L0212D, "Medium."
A unique wrestler for cooking, thanks to its structure, it will remove dust from the outside
Try and make sure yourself how unique it is!
- no dust, quick work
- more careful removal of unnecessary epithelium
- the tarp keeps its properties for longer
The TORNADO spiral fermental frequencies technology ensures elevated durability and better cutting properties! You don't smash the brace with the remote material. We can autoclave.
● manufactured from the highest quality diamond grain (head) and stainless steel (washer)
• approaches for disinfection and sterilization
2.35 mm in diameter.