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Shining without a sticky dispersion layer.

Transparent. Even more shine!

Claresa Top No wipe is the perfect ending to your manicure if:

you want to protect your styling against external factors,

you are a supporter of intense shine on your nails,

and you do not use decorations that require a sticky dispersion layer.

€4.50 (tax incl.) €3.72 (tax excl.)
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does not turn yellow when exposed to light,

is resistant to chipping of the varnish,

spreads evenly, smoothing the surface of the nail.

It does not have a dispersion layer, which means that you do not have to clean it with a cleaner.

You will finish it with a hybrid, gel or acrylic stylization.

Directions for use:

1. Apply one layer of the base on the degreased nail plate and cure for 120s in a UV lamp / 30s in a LED lamp.

2. Then apply the first layer of colored hybrid varnish to the dried base and cure for 120s in a UV / 30s lamp in the LED lamp (repeat the operation if necessary).

3. At the end, apply one layer of Top No wipe and cure for 120s in a UV lamp / 30s in a LED lamp.

If you dream of a different manicure - matte finish, with decorations requiring a sticky dispersion layer, with sparkling particles, check out other Clares Tops and enjoy your styling for a long time.

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