SILLON Lux 273b electric cosmetic chair, 3 motors, white

SILLON Lux 273b electric cosmetic chair, 3 motors, white

ELECTRIC COSMETIC CHAIR LUX SPA with a REMOTE CONTROL The LUX 3 armchair is already a cult armchair most often chosen for beauty salons and salons. Modern and functional design makes it fit almost any interior. It was also appreciated for its very good workmanship and reliability.

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Advantages: - long and trouble-free operation - the seat of the armchair is mounted on a stable base encased in plastic, which is easy to clean. - the chair has three remote-controlled motors that are responsible for raising and lowering the chair, changing the angle of the backrest and footrest - it has elegant armrests finished with wood, which can be lifted or disassembled. - adjustable headrest with an opening for the face - it is made of high-quality eco-leather, which is easy to clean and resistant to selected disinfectants Technical parameters: - weight: 80 kg- length when unfolded: 200 cm -width with armrests 83 cm- width without armrests 63 cm- minimum seat height approx. 67 cm- maximum seat height approx. 89 cm- base length 122 cm width 60 cm- the armchair has three motors- 230V, 50Hz power supply- 350W power

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