Gel nail polish

Gel Nail Polish

7.3ml Tempered Top Coat
CANNI TEMPERED TOP with a tempered glass effect without an adhesive layer - it is even more scratch resistant, even more glossy.
Каучуковая база PNB ExtraPRO Rubber Base
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Основные особенности этой базы:
Высокая эластичность
Безупречное сцепление
Не имеет резкого запаха
Самовыравнивается, не растекается по бокам
Густая и плотная консистенция
Подходит для укрепления очень слабых ногтей
Можно сгладить неровную ногтевую пластину
Есть возможность добавить короткий ноготь или восстановить его недостающий угол.
Используется как основа для гель-полировки, гелевой коррекции или работы полигелем.
Идеально подходит для инкрустаций из кристалов
Space glitter PNS 5ml Gold
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Unique gel with glitter PNS - the perfect solution for a luxurious manicure.
UV Gel polish PNS 10ml Black 001
Very good pigmentation.
Perfect consistency.
Cover evenly.
The gel polish does not run to the edges.
Does not shrink during polymerization.
1 layer is enough.
Flawless grip.
Polyacryl gel Profnail 001 white
Polyacrylic Profnail System. Professional new technology system. Polyacrylgel Profnail system combines the best features of two classic systems - gel and acrylic:
- low probability of allergic reactions, safe for health,
- odorless,
- helps to reduce modeling time,
- non-stagnant, thus allowing the modeling of an ideal shape,
- no flying dust is formed during rattling,
- does not run sideways, comfortable to work,
- does not cause a burning sensation when modeling the nail,
- both LED and UV lamps can be used for polymerisation,
- lets you forget about a bounced nail,

- strong, durable material without excessive consumption
Valeri Rubber top 6 ml
Valeri Rubber Top is a finishing coating that guarantees high durability, reliably protects the nail plate from damage, chips and cracks.
Convenient to apply and self-leveling on the nail plate. Provides a glossy shine and prevents color fading.
"Blue Sea" Aqua drops PNS (Drops for quick nail design)
PNS Aqua Drops -
suitable for quick but extraordinary summer designs. Working with them is one pleasure.
On a white polymerized gel lacquer or paint color, we cover the upper matte layer of the top, polymerize it and distribute-drip watercolor droplets on top of it, this is done with the help of a cleancer (by wetting the brush in the cleanceri). We apply a top on the resulting design.
Top coat mate PNB cashmere effect 8ml
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UV / LED Matte Top PNB, 8 ml Matte coating PNB 8 ml PNB Powder TOP cashmere effect UV top matt coating. Used to make a manicure with a velvet-satin effect. Allows you to create unique designs, creating a matte coating texture that contrasts with gloss. UV / LED Matte Top PNB is a great opportunity to give each UV / LED GelPolish color an elegant matte shade.
PNS Top Coat "French no yellow" 15мл
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The top layer of nail polish is suitable for all artificial means (gels, gel-varnishes, polygels, etc.). Provides protection and shine of the artificial layer. Protects against cracks and fissures, prevents fading and changes in light shades, reliably protects French manicures, and white always stays perfectly white.