Gel nail polish

Gel Nail Polish

0001 DNKa Cover Base 12 ml
DNKa Cover Base - premium quality Korean camouflage bases. Very easy to use for both beginners and professionals. Can be used on its own or for the French technique.
DNKa' Cover Base:
Self leveling;
Allow you to create flawless architecture;
Premium raw materials;
Do not spread;
Provide stability;
Convenient in work;
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NTN Premium Multicolor Collection 5g Nr 82 / Soakoff UV/LED Gel, 5 ml
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Full of passion, full of color, the Multicolor collection is an exceptionally optimistic palette of rainbow colors for warriors who are curious about the world and have adventures. If you value unusual and intriguing, intense patterns, choose the Multicolor NTN Premium collection.
Enjoy the moment! Cobalt, orange, strong pink or maybe their combination? Blood red or electrifying, expressive glitters? One thing is certain - the resulting effect is the perfect choice for the most fashionable stylization of this season.

Gold manicure pad
Practical and professional hand pillow is covered with leatherette with quilted hearts, the pillow filling is made of foam rubber of special rigidity. Leather-like material is very easy to clean, which allows you to keep it perfectly clean, dust from sawn nails does not stick to the material.
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001 5ml Lemon Yellow CANNI UV Gel Polish
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CANNI Gel Polish is a series of the most popular and best-selling colors in a compact 5 ml bottle.

Fiberglas Glamour Pink Make-up UV Builder Infinity
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Self-levelling, camouflage Modeling camouflage gel, with fiberglass microparticles. Stable, holds the arch. Suitable for problematic nails. Curing time 2 minutes in UV and LED lamps. Product made and developed in Germany in accordance with German law
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DUSTY ROSE 1 CLARESA / Soakoff UV/LED Gel, 5 ml
Properly done manicure with CLARESA lacquer allows you to enjoy beautiful color for up to 3 weeks! Claresa nail polishes are in an elegant glass bottle, where the color can be seen in the palm of your hand, thanks to the color applied by hand on the top of the bottle. Very good quality polishes with a medium thick consistency, the brush allows you to get the perfect effect on nails without streaks. Due to the high pigmentation of varnishes, only 2 layers separate you from a perfectly executed manicure. THE NEW GENERATION OF CLARESA POLISHES IS: no streaks, no streaks, intense shine, ideal, medium density, safe for nails and hands. Apply the base on the pre-treated nail, then apply a thin layer of colored varnish, then fix it in a UV / LED lamp. Next, we fix it with the help of TOP.

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Seamless application, without soiled cuticles Intensive gloss Ideal, medium density Safe for nails and hands Durability up to 3 weeks 5 ml bottle

PNB 006 Flamingo / Soakoff UV/LED Gel, 8 ml
PNB UV LED gel polish has a unique formula, thanks to which a specialist can easily create a delightful manicure. Its perfectly glossy shine gives nobility, emphasizes the beauty of soft pink color. Manicure with this coating has a special durability - more than twenty days without chips and scratches.
Forms for modeling transparent (PVC-plastic) 100pcs
Manufactured from PVC (super thin, durable, ultra-flexible vinyl plastic).
Resistant to crushing, not deformed.
Super adhesive.
Reasonable marking allows you to build on any type and shape of nails.
The pronounced central axis makes it possible to build an ideal architecture, without errors.
Due to the elongated side surfaces, they are most convenient for arched modeling.
Special markings for side rollers are designed to fit on nails of different widths.
They perfectly pass ultraviolet rays, so even the most capricious, densely pigmented modeling material can be used without a substrate. The drying time of densely pigmented materials is shorter compared to other types of building forms.
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Seamless application, without soiled cuticles Intensive gloss Ideal, medium density Safe for nails and hands Durability up to 3 weeks 5 ml bottle