BLACK 900 CLARESA / Soakoff UV/LED Gel, 5 ml
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Seamless application, without soiled cuticles Intensive gloss Ideal, medium density Safe for nails and hands Durability up to 3 weeks 5 ml bottle

UV Gel polish PNS 10ml Black 001
Very good pigmentation.
Perfect consistency.
Cover evenly.
The gel polish does not run to the edges.
Does not shrink during polymerization.
1 layer is enough.
Flawless grip.
A professional EXO nail file is a necessary product in the basic work of a stylist. A nail file with a 100/180 gradation and the popular crescent shape - it is a medium-graded file intended for styling and preparing a natural nail plate for a manicure treatment. Dedicated to hard-to-reach places, a crescent-shaped nail file is a unique, ergonomic combination of two shapes - straight and banana. Thanks to this, working with it is extremely comfortable. It allows for precise processing of the mass at the skins and reaching hard-to-reach places. The modern, better structure of the paper file, made of the highest quality raw materials, guarantees long-term use.
Camouflage French Base №1 VALERI (light pink with golden micro-shine)
The camouflage rubber base of VALERI nail polish, thanks to its molecular formula, will strengthen even the most fragile nail plate. Elastic rubber base for gel polish, allows you to strengthen and completely smooth the surface of the nail, does not break or crack. Great base for French manicure and Ombre designs.
№001 UV Gel polish VALERI 6ml
Valeri gel polish is a high-quality and affordable gel polish developed by masters for masters!
Manufacturer: Valeri (France)
Gel varnishes are highly pigmented and applied in one layer, fit tightly, wear-resistant, easy to apply, self-leveling on the nail plate, dissolve easily, Valeri gel varnishes are flavored and go well with products from any manufacturer!
6 ml
- made of polished, stainless steel INOX,used for the production of surgical instruments- has two different precise tips 
(flat knife - 9 mm blade and 8 mm wide convex chisel)- slightly notched handle, preventing slippingin the hand during work- can be disinfected and sterilized by any methods(chemical, thermal, chemical-thermal)- total hoof length: 9 cm- weight: 12 g
Professional cuticle nippers 07 JAW 14
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The EVO cutter line is an exclusive version of the popular NGHIA clippers. Made of surgical stainless steel with a gold-plated handle and a tasteful velvet-lined box. Equipped with a double-sided spring, designed for precise cutting of the skins.Available in Lap14 (5mm) Jaw Sizes.Thanks to the Lap Joint Jaw Joining Method (which minimizes wearand the potential for play compared to otherjoining methods), the Clippers ensure perfect performance for a long time.The pliers have a specially profiled handle (classic type),which ensures high precision, convenience and comfort of work.
Ultrasonic cleaner CDS-100 for disinfecting cosmetic accessories, in particular heads for microdermabrasion, milling cutters, etc. as well as dental and cosmetic tools. Washers are widely used and will work only in cosmetology or medicine. In addition to the very high efficiency of washing and reaching the most inaccessible details, washing with ultrasound does not cause absolutely any mechanical damage to the washed items. This washer has a display and its aesthetic housing is made of high quality plastic.
Functional cosmetic desk - ideal for offices.
It is not only a functional piece of furniture, but also extremely elegant, perfectly matching the furnishings of modern rooms. The cosmetics desk has a drawer, cabinets of various sizes and a dust absorber. The furniture is stable and it is easy to move it indoors, even when it is loaded.
Reception - salon business card. This is where every new customer gets to start with. We know very well how important the first impression is. It is worth taking care of them and making our every new client feel the atmosphere of luxury. We will present a new reception for the Gabbiano brand. The furniture is made of the highest quality materials and is perfectly finished. The cabinet, drawer and numerous shelves in the inner part of the reception area allow you to maintain order in the most important place of each office.
High functionality and Italian elegance.
Table for cosmetics 1014Aesthetic table for cosmetics, metal-glass,with wheels. It has three glass shelves with engraved GIOVANNI logo.Dimensions:- table dimensions 50 x 40 x 83 cm- glass dimensions 45.5 x 35.5 cmTechnical data:- white- glass shelves- packaging dimensions cm- number of packages   The table has no opening for the magnifying glass lamp.