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AlleLac Ice Candy Collection 5g Nr.16 / Soakoff UV/LED Gel, 5 ml
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Intriguing colors will find their supporters among both classic lovers and fans of spectacular colors.
No matter which one you choose, you can be sure that your manicure will impress with its flawless look. Gentle pastel tones will prove to be great for a formal party as well as for a casual outing with friends.
Hybrid manicure is the most popular type of nail styling. AlleLac Hybrid polishes are the most fashionable high-pigmented colors. They stay on the nail plate even several times longer than traditional polishes.
With their easy application and perfect consistency, AlleLac Hybrid varnishes allow beginners to do manicures as well!

Nail Gel OCHO NAILS transparent -15 g
Building UV gel with a phenomenal effect
OCHO NAILS GEL single-phase self-leveling gel meets a number of needs of both professional nail stylists and slightly less experienced users. It will allow you to create all the styles of your dreams in an easy and fast way !
The gel is great for nail extensions, nail perfecting and creating whimsical and, most importantly, long-lasting styles. Thanks to thixotropy (so-called liquid memory) is easy to apply, does not drip and does not flood the cuticle, which contributes to a comfortable manicure. Working with Ocho Nails gel is easy! The formula used facilitates the work, reduces the burning sensation during curing.
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MollyLac Bling it on! Purple Chic 5g Nr 504 / Soakoff UV/LED Gel, 5 ml
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Gel polish MollyLac Inspired by you Beauty
Experiment and play with colors. Express yourself with the new collection.
Choose the exceptional quality of Molly Lac gel polishes♥
♥ coating after 1 layer
♥ perfect consistency
♥ excellent pigmentation
♥ durability up to 4 weeks
♥ do not contain formaldehyde, DBP and toluene
♥ soluble in acetone-based liquids (soak system)

50 ml Ntn Gel Best Thick Clear "Free of HEMA and Di-HEMA
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Building gel, self-leveling. Ideal for tips and shape. Best Thick three-phase UV gel, colorless, very thick and very strong. Suitable for nail extension on tips.
The subsequent layers of the applied gel must be relatively thick. After removing the dispersion film from the last cured layer, it is recommended to use a polish.
Color: transparent
Consistency: very thick
Curing in Led and UV lamp
Suitable for extensions
Three phase
Optional products: base, topcoat
Available in containers: 5,15,30,50g.
Curing in a 48W UV/LED lamp:
skeleton 30-45 sec.
building layer 60 sec.
Transfer foil Butterflies 100 cm Nr4
Transfer foil makes it easy to achieve stunning effects. Foil can be applied to your nails as a whole or use its elements to create intricate patterns. Countless interesting patterns will turn your manicure into a real work of art. All you have to do is use a special product, which is foil gel or foil glue!
Impressive decorations with thermal transfer foil? Use countless patterns and be inspired by the original style.
Perfect adhesion for accurate reflection of the smallest patterns.
Easy application.
Ultra-fast decorations with amazing patterns.
DNKa Top No Wipe 12ml
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DNKa' non-sticky topcoat without UV filter provides perfect resistance, prevents cracking, chipping and scratching. It has a balanced consistency, closer to liquid, which makes it very well self-levelling and does not sink into the nail cavities. The cream reliably protects nails from mechanical damage, holds the color and produces a long-lasting gloss.
Volume: 12 ml
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Black 001 OCHO NAILS 5g / Soakoff UV/LED Gel, 5 ml
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Among the advantages of hybrid varnishes, it is worth noting the rich palette of available colors, the ease of making fantasy decorations or strengthening the nail plate. OCHO NAILS hybrid lacquers are distinguished by their appropriate density, intense pigmentation and ease of application . Thanks to them, you will get a beautiful manicure with intense shine and durability up to three weeks.

OCHO NAILS Cherry nail oil 130 -5 ml
OIL with a seductive fruity aroma helps to care for dry cuticles and weakened nails. The product has a moisturizing and smoothing effect, maintains protection against the harmful effects of external factors. Thanks to the oils contained in the nourishing composition, it improves the appearance of nails and cuticles, taking care of their good condition - softens the cuticle, promotes the regeneration of the nail matrix. Nourishing olive works great both during daily care and immediately after nail styling, creating the perfect finish to every manicure. The beautiful smell makes the use of the product more pleasant.
OCHO NAILS Hybrid Base Plus 102 -5 g
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Strong, long and durable nails
The hardening base OCHO NAILS BASE PLUS ensures the durability of the hybrid manicure and allows you to strengthen the natural nail plate. Thanks to the unique formula with high density, it allows you to build up the nail and even extend it up to 10 mm. Properly selected consistency allows for comfortable and precise work, without flooding the cuticles . The high content of polymers guarantees styling resistance to damage , durability for up to three weeks and extraordinary hardening of the nail plate . It leaves a sticky dispersion, enabling effective connection of successive layers . It will also be a suitable base for styling with the use of gels,guaranteeing perfect adhesion .
OCHO Diamonds no wipe Top 110 -5 g
Excellent gloss, durability and varnish resistance
The transparent OCHO NAILS DIAMONDS TOP NO WIPE effectively extends the durability of the manicure , leaving the nails with a high gloss. The product makes the styling more resistant to scratches and chipping and protects against external factors. It does not leave a sticky dispersion layer , so after curing it does not need to be washed with a cleaner. The carefully prepared formula guarantees durability and color saturation , without yellowing the styling. The top is very universal , it will be perfect for finishing hybrid, gel and acrylic manicures.
Nail base NTN Premium 2in1 Funky Neon 5g No. 1
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Mega saturated color, noticeable from afar, which is difficult to pass by indifferently.
Hide imperfections with a high coverage of around 90-95%! The intensity of the color will, of course, depend on the thickness of the layer and the final effect you want to achieve.
Use solo as an energetic styling, mix colors freely or use as a base for further action! The bases have self-leveling properties, but do not flood the cuticles. If you happened to cover the cuticles with a standard base (colorless) - the base with color allows you to perfectly and accurately mark the staining area.
Dry Top Ntn Premium no wipe 5g
Wrap your hair with the unique No Wipe Finishing Top and enjoy beautiful styling for up to 21 days without chipping or mechanical damage. A durable glossy top with a medium consistency will provide you with comfort in work without running down on the cuticles and shrinking in the lamp.
Dazzle with brilliance and stay shiny without yellowing longer with Ntn Premium. Creates a perfect surface on the nail, thanks to which your styling will be even more perfect. The Soak Off formula guarantees easy product removal in all acetone preparations.
Apply a layer of Top DRY Top to hybrid, gel or acrylic styling.