Hairdressing chair Gabbiano Linz gold black disc
Gabbiano is a luxury Italian brand of hairdressing equipment and furniture with reliability, quality and aesthetic and high comfort. The proposal presents a large selection of the functional components of the salon, such as chairs, automobiles and infrazones.
Functional equipment for barbers
An elegant barber chair Linz NQ has a strong hydraulic lift. This greatly improves the efficiency of the various procedures and, at the same time, ensures high comfort in the use of classic colours, simple designs and decorative layers of the golden shade give him an exquisite view.
Gabbiano hairdresser assistant 008 black
A two-way black hairdresser with 5 trays, 7 offices and 2 barbers. A stable design ensures long-term use. The table is fixed on the wheels, so the tools will always be at hand.
Assistant for self-assembly of parts.
Bilateral manicure machine, Snippex hoof 889
Bilateral manicure pouch.
One side of the tip of the leg ends with a sharp end with an opening to clean the edge of the nail or to attach the jewels,
the other side ends with a semi-circuited spoon to move the kutikula.
Silver, rectangular.
It fits for disinfection.
Hollow tip 2.3 mm 1300560
The wide surface is useful for effective removal when polishing nails and milling calluses. This shape allows the pressure to be polished and the work to be cleaned. The main area of application is foot care. The hollow milling machine can be used in many ways. The special material ensures disinfection without problems.
OCHO NAILS Strawberry Cleaner 100 ml
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Cleaner Degreaser with strawberry flavor 100 ml with tomizer.
Removing dirt and degreasing the nail plate is the main step towards long-term nail styling. Cleaner Degreaser is a professional product that will help prepare the natural nail plate for the application of hybrid, gel or acrylic. Thanks to the Cleaner, you will increase the adhesion of your hybrid, gel or acrylic mass, which will directly affect the durability and effectiveness of your manicure. Cleaner Degreaser is used by both manicurists and all clients who value care using professional products. Apply a thin layer to the cleaned and dried layer of Cleaner.
Double silicone stamp, diameter 2.7 cm, red
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Silicon double stamp, French, diameter 2.7 cm, red
Double silicone stamp for the nails with crystals. An extremely elegant stamp for the transfer of stoves and fingernails and for the creation of a French manicure.
The kit consists of two white and colourless sludges and two stumpines. A stamping product that must be in the trunk.
How to use:
Put the lac on the selected drawing on the plate.
Remove the lac's excess with a certain cancer movement.
Press the stamp to the drawing on the enemy.
Energically transfer the drawing to the chosen location of the nail plate.
DNKa Pro Gel 001 Karma (beige-pink), 12 ml
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DNKa' Pro GeI is a collection of universal, low-temperature gels of the new generation ' s three-phase system to strengthen and build all types of nails. Because of low acidity, it's perfectly safe for a nail plate. It fits for thin and sensitive nails. DNKa' Pro GeI has liquid (together medium) Consistency, material is classified as solid coatings. It's not deformed during the sock, it keeps the perfect margin to the correction. There's a great sticky layer that's conducive to a perfect clutch with a nail plate.
Volume: 12 ml
1. Into the full surface of the nail to carry the degreasing device;
2. Inject an acid-free primer for additional adhesion;
3. Fill DNKa' Nano Base/Rubber Base/Fiber Base, dry in LED/ hybrid lamp 60 seconds (or in UV, 2 minutes);
4. Fill DNKa' Pro Gel, dry 60 seconds in LED/ hybrid lamp (or 2 minutes in UV);
5. To cover DNKa' Top No Wipe or DNKa' Top Matt No Wipe, to dry 2 minutes in LED/ hybrid lamp (or 3 minutes in UV) for the perfect glang or mat.
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DNKa Gel Nail Polish 0001 (Milk, Enamel), 12 ml
DNKa' Gel Polish Color is a collection of gel lacquers that lie flat, perfectly drying, durable, easy to apply, self-leveling on the nail plate, easily soluble, not conflicting with other TMs.
The collection features 100 Soft Touch velvet jars.
Volume: 12 ml

A degreasing agent is applied to the baffled surface of the feet.
Apply DNKa Ultrabond acid-free primer for extra adhesion.
Apply DNKa Nano Base/Rubber Base/Fiber Base, dry in LED/Hybrid lamp - 60 seconds (or in UV lamp - 2 minutes).
Apply DNKa Gel Lacquer, dry in LED/Hybrid lamp for 60 seconds (or in UV lamp for 2 minutes).
Cover with DNKa' Top No Wipe or DNKa' Top Matt No Wipe, dry in LED/hybrid lamp for 2 minutes (or in UV lamp for 3 minutes) for a perfect glossy or matte effect.

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Top no wipe Hollywood MollyLac Metalic with particles 5ml
Top for hybrid, helium, acrylic paws and other derivative lacs with exceptional persistence and beautiful bluff thanks to beautiful microparts.
Give a beautiful view thanks to the particles and enjoy an extremely strong and durable layout without scratch.
Top Hollywood doesn't have a dispersion layer, so you're gonna cut the time of work to a minimum.
Consistence of the average thickness provides comfort and minimizes the risk of falling into the kutikul.

Activ Fizjo aluminum folding massage table Comfort, 3 segments, gray
The COFORT Consignment Table is a functional combination of wooden carcas with light aluminium legs. The leather is made of a fat lip covered by a quality eco-code. The advantage of the COMFORT massage tables is the possibility of adjusting the height of the table and the possibility of fast assembly. The hand and handbag provide comfort, especially for people who work not only in the offices but also with patients.
- Regulated subheader
- Opening the face
- Side armrests
- Height adjustment
- It 's a carry-on
- Net weight is 17 kilos .
NTN Premium gold stamp and plate varnish 7ml Nr. 96
The nail lac is designed specifically to steal a stamp. It's very tight, which contributes to the accuracy of the transport and the durability of the treated. Simple use and excellent visual effect that can be achieved are other advantages of this product.
How to use:
Cover your chosen drawing on the plate or the stumping tape.
Cut the lac's surplus without pushing too hard on the surface.
Put the silicone stamp on the drawing plate very quickly and put it right to your chosen nail.
To protect the stowage, cover the whole nail with a colorless patch/top coat.
Hairdressing chair Gabbiano Francesco Gold, white gold
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Gabbiano is a luxury Italian brand
Gabbiano Francesco is a modern furniture item equipped with a hydraulic lift and an adjustable foot and back frame, and the wide scope of personalization allows the chair to be selected for the procedure, which greatly increases the comfort of service delivery. The Esstetic Squad will demolish the salon of each hairdresser, and its high functionality will ensure comfort and efficiency.
Broad adjustment possibilities
A permanent hydraulic lift allows seat height to be adjusted within 54 to 67 cm, even when the client is sitting in the chair. This ensures more ergonomic work, guaranteeing that the seat level can be adjusted by the growth of both the client and the person performing the procedure. The chair has a rolling back and a adjustable foot, which allows the customer to be placed in a convenient half-way position. This building guarantees better access during certain services. In addition, the sliding head restraint provides excellent head support and can be adjusted according to individual needs.