C-04 3.5mm
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C-04 3.5mm

Professional cuticle cutters made of stainless steel with a double-sided spring,designed for precise cutting of cuticles. Thanks to the Lap Joint jaw joining method(which minimizes material wear and the possibility ofbacklash compared to other joining methods), the pliers ensureperfect operation for a long time. The pliers have a specially profiledhandle (classic type), which ensures high precision, convenienceand comfort of work.

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- blade size 3.5 mm- made of INOX stainless steel- specially profiled handle, which ensures highprecision, convenience and comfort- jaw joining method: Lap Joint (not recessed)- type of spring: double-sided, mounted on a stainless steel screw- total length of the clippers: 10.5 cm- can be disinfected and sterilized by any method(chemical, thermal, chemical-thermal)- weight: 40g   TOOL ADAPTED FOR AUTOCLAVE STERILIZATION AND CHEMICAL DISINFECTION * * AUTOCLAVE - BASIC STERILIZATION TEMP. 121 ° C FOR 15 MIN., TEMP DEACTIVATION 132-134 ° C, PRESSURE 3 BARSCAUTION !!!STEEL, EVEN INOX, WITHOUT RESPECT OF THE MANUFACTURER, MAY, IN SPECIAL CONDITIONS, BE DAMAGED, DAMAGED, WHICH MAY RESULT IN DISCOLORATION, POTS AND EVEN CORROSION. * CHEMICAL DISINFECTION - THIS LIQUID, USED ACCORDING TO THE MANUFACTURER'S RECOMMENDATIONS.ATTENTION!!!FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE MANUFACTURER'S RECOMMENDATIONS (TOO STRONG SOLUTION, FOR LONG TIME OF DISINFECTION) MAY CAUSE THE METAL REACTION, CAUSING DISCOLOUT AND DAMAGE TO THE TOOL

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