4 Stul Rico QS-OF213G barhatno-ser
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4 Stul Rico QS-OF213G barhatno-ser

Furniture 4Rico combines functionality and comfort. The taboureths and maquila chairs presented in their proposal are wide-ranging samples, colours and footwear. They will become an exquisite accent of any space, both professional and domestic.

Steel and functional chair.

The elegant chair QS-OF213G, which is a pleasant piece of material, will be added to any interior. It's extremely universal, it's perfect for professional salons, including beauty salon, manicure salon, office or elegant reception. It is also perfect for everyday household use.

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Broad adjustment possibilities

Affixed with an effective gaslift, the chair shall guarantee the safety of use and enable the height of the seat to be easily and smoothly adjusted within 43-58 cm. This allows furniture to be adapted to your individual needs and services, ensuring that the use of furniture is high, both in maquila, eyebrows and in other classes. The full rotation mechanism improves efficiency and comfort. The submarines are placed at the right height, which ensures the right position of the shoulder.

Elegant design for usability

A pleasant grey shade of gray shades makes furniture irrepetitive. Division makes furniture attractive. The right of the golden shades adds elegance and ideally combines with the barhat. Functional wheels provide mobility by facilitating the movement of the chair and the movement of the living room during work. Esstetricity of performance, usability, decorative stitch and ergonomic back make the chair fit even the most demanding users.

The size of the product is shown in the photo.


Induction: gas

Binding material: velvet

Rinder: gray shades

Carcas colour: shades of gold

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