Water resistant abrasive cap 13mm / 150-1 grand
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Water resistant abrasive cap 13mm / 150-1 grand

A watery abrasive bulb with plastic cardiac is an innovative solution, consisting of a combination of a co-consumpet with a cornacle.
The professional extraction shall be made with maximum care and with the best available material. The inner component of the cap is a composite that ensures durability and convenience.

Technical data:
Grade: 150
Tube diameter: 13mm
Type of abrasive: Cosmetics Corund

€0.49 (tax incl.)€0.59- €0.10 €0.40 (tax excl.)
Tax included
Abraid bulbs of 13 mm shall not be operated at a higher speed than 10000 min. At higher speeds, vibration may occur in the micro-engineer, which reduces its service life.

• Grain size 60 – very large – to remove rough corns
• Granularity 80 large to remove corns
• Grain size 150 average – for polishing leather
• Granularity 220 small for final surface leveling
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