Apis Regenerating Collagen Concentrate for Nails 30 ml
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Apis Regenerating Collagen Concentrate for Nails 30 ml

Regenerating collagen concentrate for nails Nourishing care for weakened nails and cuticles. The concentrated formula of the preparation returns natural shine and well-groomed appearance to damaged nails. Thanks to carefully selected ingredients of the concentrate nails grow faster, their structure is strengthened, they become more resistant to external factors. The concentrate's multidirectional action provides: - Addition of 85 percent. regenerating complex, which is a combination of collagen, elastin and ceramides. - The presence of hemp oil and vitamins A and E, encapsulated in liposomes, protects against delamination of the nail plate, deeply nourishes and cares for the epidermis. Indications: for intensive regeneration of damaged nails and cuticles on hands and feet. Recommended for diabetics. Contraindications: allergic to any of the ingredients of the product. How to use: Apply 1-2 drops of concentrate on a cleaned nail plate and the surrounding epidermis. Gently massage the product and allow it to absorb. Use every morning and evening. SHAKE BEFORE USE!

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