MIKROSILNIK MULTI 600 prosthetic milling machine Professional, precise, high-power prosthetic milling machine, vibration-free and very quiet during operation. The hermetically sealed brushless motor in the head reduces the noise level by 20% compared to conventional models, which results in comfortable work. The Multi 600 micromotor is characterized by high durability and reliability, it has an ergonomic base and pen design.

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It can be controlled from the base, with a foot drive, and also, if properly mounted, with a knee. The milling machine has the AUTO CRUISE function, i.e. the ability to set a constant desired speed, as well as the self-diagnosis function, thanks to which it monitors the correct operation by locating the defective area by displaying the appropriate error code. The kit includes:- device base- head- power cord- headstand- base stand - foot drive- manual- warranty   ORIGINAL PRODUCT SAEYANG / MARATHON MADE IN KOREA   Technical data: - power 100W- voltage 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz- torque 7.8 mNm - right and left rotation- switch and speed control in the base - milling machine control in the base, foot drive and knee - smooth speed control from 1 thousand .- 50 thousand- TWIST-LOCK handle (changing the cutter with one move)- Base dimensions: 268 x 228 x 94 mm- Base weight: 2.9 kg- Head dimensions: 159 x 27 mm- Head weight: 230 g 

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