CLARESA Vanilla Muffin 5ml
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CLARESA Vanilla Muffin 5ml

Do you like the smell of Christmas sweets? Can't wait for the smell of baking, bucky pie or sweet cupcakes to fill your house? Have you always wondered why holidays end so fast?

Right now, specifically for Christmas maniacs, you'll find the Christmas aromats in the uterine oils!

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The sweet, appetite aromat of warm vanilla brown cupcakes is a romance in a bathtub cupcake oil!

At the same time, they nutriently act on a dry, trembled pitch and weakened, damaged nail plates. They support protection against the adverse effects of external factors and prevent cross-sections. They contain nutrient oils that moisture and ease the kutikul, reinforce the nails.

Olives have a positive impact on the regeneration of the nail matricks, making the nail plate stronger and less exposed to damage. The puncture oil is the perfect end of any laying, as well as the excellent meals of unstained nails.


The olive recipe is enriched:

• Sweet almond oil strengthens the nail plate, nourishes, moisturizes, and softens the cuticle;

• Peach seed oil – prevents nail fragility and stimulates nail growth and strengthens the nail plate.


Put a small amount of olive oil on the uterine around your nails. Fix the light massage until the product is absorbed. The olive butter is perfect, both immediately after the manicure and through a daily ritual of care.

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