Gabbiano Parma Barber
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Gabbiano Parma Barber

Gabbiano BM68437, which is a stylish design, has an effective hydraulic lift, which significantly improves performance, and the functional object of furniture guarantees comfort to both the barbers and users. The estheticized chair will be the decoration of each hairdresser, and the specially designed place for the phena means that the equipment is always in hand, which improves the day-to-day work of the hairdresser.

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High usability

The height of the seat can be adjusted within a range of 52-68 cm, even when the client is sitting on the chair, by using an effective hydraulic lift. This makes it easier to adjust the seat to both the client and the hairdresser, making the work more efficient and significantly more comfortable. A well-targeted back can take a convenient position by providing excellent back support, which is particularly important in the case of lengthy procedures. The greatest advantage of this model is the visually interesting gap between the back and the seat. It facilitates the maintenance of purity in the salon, allowing for easy tagging of hair from all the corners of the chair. This makes it easier to prepare a work station between clients.

Decisions that will facilitate your work

A strong round-table basis guarantees sustainability during use. A full, smooth surface gives the element an elegant view and facilitates its care. A suitable seat makes use of high comfort even during multiple hours. Flexible submarines of an interesting form make it possible to correctly place the client's shoulders, which means he's not gonna stick his head in his shoulders, and he's not going to suffocate, which greatly facilitates the implementation of precise procedures, including haircuts. The full seat rotation mechanism makes the barber work more efficient and comfortable. There is a practical dryer close to the seat, allowing for the rapid removal of the equipment.

Impressive barber chair

Filling solid, resistant to the deformation of polons and lipsticks from the grace of artificial skin ensures the durability of furniture and its comfort for long years. The materials used also make equipment sustainable in moisture, durable and simple in care. The cover, the decorative stitch and the attractive form give her a unique character. The unsuccessful design of this model allows it to fit perfectly into the atmosphere of many professional salones by underlining the inexorable style of the interior.

Details are given in the photo.

The kit consists of a seat, a power drive, a foot set.


Lift: Hydraulic

Mandate: round

Surface material: artificial leather

Colour: shades of refugee and chromium

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