Chophole Saeyang Marathon Miracle 65W
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Chophole Saeyang Marathon Miracle 65W

Marathon products precisely meet the needs of nail technicians, providing them with safety and comfort. The offer includes devices of excellent design, such as dust absorbers.

An effective device for every stylist

The Marathon ASP I professional cassette absorber with two types of filters effectively protects the lungs of both employees and clients from dust generated during services. The high power and two types of effective filters ensure high comfort during procedures such as manicures or pedicures. The LED lamp connected to the machine via USB provides precise illumination of the treatment area, and the aesthetic appearance of the equipment is a visually appealing addition.

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An effective dust collector with sufficient efficiency.

Before finalizing the training procedure, we flnly improve the long-term contact with dust. In salon manicures, it is important to use a strong absorber that takes care of the high level of hygiene and comfort for both stylist and clients. A high quality fan effectively slows down the system... Absorb the dust generated during manicures, which becomes non-intermediate in effective filters.

Failure to maintain effective filters

The HEPA cartridge filter located in this fodel traps even the smallest dust particles in its design. Filtered, clean and well dried female vents. The large absorbent surface allows you to hold both hands over the unit at the same time, and thanks to the high polishing efficiency, contaminants are absorbed directly into the filter, leaving your workspace clean and free of unpleasant dust. To improve the integrity of the system, maximum power light filters increase the effectiveness of the contaminant.

An efficient feature for comfort and performance

Marathon's meshless absorber with a straight, uniform suction style skin, allowing you to adapt the device's operation to the treatment you are currently receiving. A color indicator next to the handle indicates that the fan is about to come on. The light source, which can be connected to the complete unit via USB, provides a complete refreshment of the urban environment. Productive functional functions of the absorber are ensured by the initial ergonomics.

Elegant design and interior design

The absorber has been prepared to the details. The streamlined body shapes reflect a futuristic look, allowing it to writhe in salon style. Elegant, classic style, finish, decoration, visualization, ryvtractive and writhes in almost any interior. The decorative grid is made with a magnet, minimizing the risk of shifting. Its interesting shapes attract information and information buyers. Thanks to non-slip feet, the device is stable during operation.

Please read the instructions carefully before use, ie.

Included: absorbent matrix, magnetic crystal, HEPA filter, 2 packs of 25 filter packs each, LED USB-pod, power supply.


Number of fans: 1

Filters: 2 - HEPA and clove.

Speed: 500-4600 rpm.

Grille color: chrome twist

Casing color: composition white

Weight: 65 W

Intensity: 110-200V

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