10 D. PNB round design brush 001-s PNB, nylon
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10 D. PNB round design brush 001-s PNB, nylon

PNB brushes are docile and "paint themselves". High-quality and wear-resistant synthetic pile is an imitation of a natural columnar pile with perfect elasticity.

Professional nail art masters will definitely want to buy the 001-s PNB design brush. It has a working surface of regular round shape and resilient nylon filaments with length of 10 mm.

Such a tool is ideal for performing artistic nail painting in complex techniques: openwork weaves, monograms, dot drawings, pictorial images, painting in the oriental style, abstract lines.

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The brush is easy to hold, it does not change its quality characteristics after a long period of use.

To clean the tool after finishing your manicure it is recommended to use a cleaning solution.

After drying it is recommended to store the brush in an upright position in the special PNB brush holder.

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