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Hardening base - diamond hardness. It allows you to extend nails up to 10 mm.

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Ultra Base - maximum hardening of nails

Long and strong nails, and permanent styling thanks to one product? It's really possible, and the Ultra base is the culprit of all the fuss. The dense consistency allows you to gently build up the nail, and even extend it by 10 mm. The high polymer content makes your nails as hard as a diamond. Perfectly strengthens the natural nail plate, it will also work as a base for gel or poly gel, guaranteeing perfect adhesion. The manicure lasted up to 21 days and a strong, damage-resistant plate? The Ultra Base will guarantee it.


  • A hardening base with a high content of polymers that guarantee the hardness of the diamond;
  • Enables nail extension up to 10 mm ;
  • You can use it as a gel base.


Directions for use and hardening time of the Ultra base:

1.On the matted and degreased nail plate, apply a thin layer of the base and cure for 120s in a UV lamp / 30s in a LED lamp.

2. Then apply a layer of hybrid color varnish and cure for 120s in a UV lamp / 30s in a LED lamp.

3. Finish the application by applying a thin layer of the top coat and cure for 120s in a UV lamp / 30s in a LED lamp.

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