Apis oxygenic mass with active oxygen 100 ml
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Apis oxygenic mass with active oxygen 100 ml

Musssavote with an extremely soft penist consy is an innovative combination of ingredients simulating oxygen skin. Active oxygen increases direct oxygen access to skin, increasing cellular energy required for the right metabolic processes. M3, a combination of minerals and Q10, improves cell breathing. Combined with hyalulonic acid, genes extra, vitamin E, butter of baobab and macadamia nuts, is deeply humid and regenerative. The high efficiency of carefully selected ingredients restores the skin to its natural beauty - freshness, glow and life force.

* Small bubbles may appear on the surface of the moss due to the presence of active oxygen.

Shows: for gray, tired skin, powerless and blue.

Method of application: equitably distribute the muscles on your face, neck and decolt. Leave it in.

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