Acid Free Provita acid-free primer - maximum adhesion for your nail styling
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Acid Free Provita acid-free primer - maximum adhesion for your nail styling

Would you like your nail designs to be in perfect condition for a long time ? Your natural nail plate is problematic, that is, it is dry, brittle and splitting, so no base provides maximum adhesion to varnishes and gels? We have a reliable solution for this - Acid Free Provita acid-free primer , which will not only provide your nail stylizations with the greatest adhesion, but also extend its durability and care for the nail plate.

For what purpose?

To increase the adhesion of the base and gel to the nail plate and extend the durability of the styling.

For whom?

Especially for people with dry, brittle and split nails.

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Directions for use:

The product should be applied directly to a clean and degreased nail plate. Allow a few seconds to evaporate, then apply the base or nail gel.

Active ingredients:

IntoRet + complex, that is:

  • Inositol,
  • Retinol,
  • Rose seed oil,
  • Chestnut seed extract.

Product features:

  • Extends styling durability;
  • Designed for brittle, dry and splitting nails;
  • It contains the InoRet + complex, created from ingredients that care for the nail plate.

An acid-free primer for the care of your nail plate

Acid Free Provita acid-free primer will not only maximize the adhesion of the nail base and gel and extend the durability of the styling, but also strengthen the natural nail plate. All thanks to the IntoRet + complex , i.e. the composition of inositol, retinol rose seed oil and horse chestnut seed extract. Therefore, the product is an excellent solution for dry, brittle and split nails. Strengthening ingredients will support your problematic nail plate, nourishing it perfectly .

The strengthening composition makes the acid-free primer an ideal proposition for anyone who wants to extend the durability of their nail stylizations and at the same time strengthen their natural nail plate.

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