DNKa’ Acryl Gel 0008 Sand (tube) 30 ml
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DNKa’ Acryl Gel 0008 Sand (tube) 30 ml

DNKa Acryle Gel is an acrygel for covering, strengthening and restoring the nail plate, as well as for repairing damaged edges or cracks. Can be easily modeled on templates or molds, providing a very natural look and correcting the architecture of natural nails. DNKa Acryle Gel is a stylish collection of colored acrygels, which consists of 8 natural colors. And the strength of the polymer allows you to admire your manicure for a very long time. Advantages: completely dry; soft, self-leveling consistency; easily distributed on the surface of the nail; has high adhesive properties and rich shine; does not cause burning during polymerization.

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DNKa’ Аcryl Gel 0008 Sand (tube) 30 ml
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