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MILLING MACHINE MARATHON COMBI color SILVER METALLIC The MARATHON COMBI series of devices has been designed in such a way that working with the milling machine is a real pleasure.An important piece of information is that the base of the device has a built-in lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 800 Ah, enabling comfortable operation for 140 minutes without the need for power supply. This fact makes it possible to use the milling machine at home, on the road or in any place without access to a power source. In this milling machine everything just works, nothing stops or breaks down, and that's because MARATHON is a manufacturer of the highest quality equipment, but that's not all
329,00 € (ar PVN) 271,90 € (bez PVN)
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The housing was designed by Italian designers and is offered in 4 fashionable colors. Here are some other reasons why so many people have chosen the MARATHON COMBI milling machine: amazingly easy operation, clear and legible control panel, a head with unprecedented power of 1.3 Ncm (newton meters), It is not without significance that it is very quiet and free of vibrations. Due to the fact that it is very elegant, it can be a pride of any beauty salon, and its small shape and simple operation mean that every modern woman can use it at home and at work. The device is failure-free. 12-month warranty.The set includes:- milling head - milling machinebase- foot drive- silicone head support- power cable- impulse power supply- holster with a belt- manual- warrantyORIGINAL PRODUCT SAEYANG / MARATHON MADE IN KOREATechnical data:- power supply 100-220 V / 50-60Hz- torque 5.71 mNm- built-in Ni-Mh battery with a capacity of 800 Ah, guaranteeing uninterrupted work for 140 minutes without external power supply- ergonomic housing- right rotation and left- switch and speed control at the base- smooth speed control in the range from 0-20 thousand. - power 30w- cutter diameter 2.32 mm- twist-lock handle (cutter replacement in one move)- base weight - 268 g- head weight - 162 g- base dimensions - 170 x 73 x 34 mm- head dimensions - 131 x 21.2 mm- cardboard dimensions - 37 * 29 * 10 cm
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