BASIC 210 hydraulic cosmetic chair white
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BASIC 210 hydraulic cosmetic chair white

Swivel armchair with lock, hydraulically raised and lowered with a hole in the headrest, perfect for cosmetics, make-up and massage. It has removable armrests and a plug in the headrest. Easily washable upholstery, made of eco-leather, meeting the stringent EU requirements, aesthetic, nickel-plated metal elements. The armchair is available in white.The armchair is packed in three cardboard packages, including:1 pack - armchair base2 pack - actuator3 pack - seat with accessories
449,00 € (ar PVN) 371,07 € (bez PVN)
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Armchair dimensions:- lying seat with headrest 63 x 180 cm- height min. 64 cm- height max. 80 cm (EUROPE VERSION)- base 55 x 106.5 cmTechnical data:- gross weight (all cartons) 70 kg- number of packages: 2 (cartons 2 and 3 are packed together)- dimensions of packages: 116 x 44 x 65 cm and 108 x 8 x 58 cm
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