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A weak, splitting nail plate does not allow you to create your dream nail stylization ? We have a tip that you will surely like - builder gel pink, thanks to which you can extend your nails to any length. The product also strengthens the natural plate, which makes it strong and resistant to mechanical damage . Try it yourself and see that you will love it from the first use!

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How to use buider gel:

  1. Carefully remove the cuticles;
  2. Shorten the nails, matt the plate and clean it thoroughly with a cleaner ;
  3. However, if you want to maximize the adhesion of the gel to your nails , you can use a regular base;
  4. If you want to extend your nails on a template, extend it under the nail and apply a small amount of gel with a special brush , thoroughly spreading it over the entire nail;
  5. Builder gel requires curing for 60 seconds in a UV / LED lamp ;
  6. You can apply two layers of the product , curing each of them for 60 seconds in a UV / LED lamp;
  7. The nail gel has a dispersion layer , so you can easily paint it with hybrid varnishes;
  8. If you do not want to use nail polish, cover your nails with a hybrid top coat .

The beautiful color of the nail gel means that you no longer need a hybrid varnish to make your manicure delightful and unique - check it out!

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